Adoptive Placement

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Ensure a Brighter Future for Your Child

Turn to us for private adoption services in the Jacksonville, FL area

Giving a child up for adoption is one the most heart-wrenching decisions any parent can make. It's natural to feel lost and alone, but help is just a phone call away. Carolyn Wagner Attorney & Counselor at Law can walk you through the process on how to put a baby up for adoption in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Attorney Wagner has helped parents find loving, nurturing homes for their children for more than 30 years. It's her honor and passion to guide parents through this incredibly difficult, loving and selfless decision.

To learn more about our private adoption services, contact our office today.

Why is private adoption your best option?

Instead of going through a state adoption agency, you can choose to work directly with attorney Wagner on the adoption process. Giving a child up for adoption is never easy, but taking the private adoption route will:

  • Cost nothing out of your pocket
  • Possibly cover your medical bills
  • Give you one point of contact at all times
  • Provide a more flexible, open process
There are no waiting lists or excessive requirements. Attorney Wagner will conduct home studies through a trusted, clinical social worker with many years of experience. You'll have full confidence that your child will have the best possible family and home.

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