Private Adoption Services

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Adopting a Child Doesn't Need to Drain Your Savings

We offer affordable private adoption services in Jacksonville, FL

Carolyn Wagner Attorney & Counselor at Law focuses on private intermediary assisted infant adoptions in the Jacksonville, FL area. This means that instead of an agency placing an infant for adoption, attorney Wagner is authorized to place the child and do all legal work needed to complete the adoption. Contact us now to learn more about our private adoption services.

We're currently looking for expectant mothers, as well as individuals and couples who are thinking about adopting a child. Our family law firm can assist with in-state and out-of-state (or interstate compact) adoptions.

Why are our services so affordable?

Parents in the Jacksonville, FL area don't have to spend a fortune on private adoption services. Our services are significantly more affordable than many local and statewide adoptive placements because we charge...

  • No consultation fees for parents waiting for a placement
  • No waitlist or registration fees
  • No application fees

Please note that out-of-state adoptions require more paperwork and time to complete, so they typically cost more than in-state adoptions.

If you're a prospective parent, consult attorney Wagner if you've got questions or need help preparing your biography. A social worker can help you complete your home study-expedited services are available.

It's smart to read up on Florida's adoption statute (Chapter 63) before adopting a child in the Jacksonville, FL area. Call 904-632-1840 today to learn more.

Thinking about putting your child up for adoption?

Then contact attorney Wagner for a no-obligation consultation. You can trust that she will keep everything you discuss in the strictest confidence.

You won't pay for any of our private adoption services, which include...

  • Assisting you through the private adoption process
  • Applying for financial assistance to cover birth and postpartum-related expenses
  • Providing emotional support through a therapist, life coach or grief counselor

Make an appointment today.