With 35 years of experience Carolyn Wagner is the best attorney for your Private Adoption Services at an affordable cost!

If you are pregnant and are considering adoption as an option for you and your baby, please feel free to contact me to find out about the process. There is no charge to birth moms or birth parents for any of my services, and all consultations are done in the strictest of confidence and without obligation. My goal is to help birth mothers in any way I can with a decision which can be the most difficult, but the most selfless and loving one they will ever make. If you choose to place through me you will deal with ME --not a secretary, multiple assistants or paralegals---I will be there for you throughout the entire process and sometimes beyond if required.

I am also seeking to add several more sets of prospective adoptive couples for inclusion in my practice. Because there is no agency involved with my placements, and I choose not to take advantage of prospective adoptive parents by charging them astronomical amounts of attorney's fees, or thousands per couple for my advertising expenses-my adoptions are virtually all SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than most other local or state wide adoptive placements. I do not charge a "wait list" or "registration fee". I do not charge application fees for prospective adoption opportunities. For adoptions finalized in 2022, there is a federal adoption tax credit of up to $14,890 per child. The adoption tax credit is NOT refundable, which means taxpayers can only use the credit if they have federal income tax liability for adoptions finalized in 2022.

I do not charge to meet with prospective adoptive parents to answer all their questions, help them prepare their biographies, or prepare for and procure their required home studies. I have a clinical social worker and as well other home study providers available to help you complete your required homestudy--if need be within a very short time frame on an expedited basis. No infant can be placed in the care of prospective adoptive parents unless and until the have obtained a completed favorable homestudy.

I can place both in and out of the State of Florida although placements outside of Florida--called "Interstate Compact " adoptions cost a bit more due the incredible amount of additional time and paperwork required to obtain approval from the sending and receiving state.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO MORTGAGE YOUR HOUSE JUST TO BECOME A PARENT. I strongly suggest that ANYONE interested in adopting in Florida read and familiarize yourself with Chapter 63, the adoption statute in Florida---in addition whenever you are considering hiring a lawyer always check their listings out on sites like Lawyers.com or Avvo.com so you can read client reviews of the attorney's work before you hire them---do your due diligence before ever hiring an attorney for anything!!

Florida law provides for provision of birth related expenses to birth moms from the prospective adoptive couple to help them through their pregnancy and for up to six weeks beyond the birth and placement. I have a wonderful therapist/life coach/ grief counselor who provides the required emotional assessment in the hospital and who will be available if a birth parent needs emotional support both prior to the birth, and after placement.

Feel free to contact me at my office number 904-632-1840 for additional information and be sure to leave your contact information if I am unavailable when you call.