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Whether you're facing the dissolution of your marriage, embroiled in a custody dispute, hoping to adopt , involved in accident resulting in a personal injury, or the victim of medical negligence ---I make an effort to ensure I am personally available to respond to your inquires as quickly as possible. I've been a sole practitioner for over thirty years and I strive to provide an "old school" version client representation to my established clients, as well as to any potential client who may contact me. I am intentionally different from the massive mega firms who spend millions each year on advertising in their attempt to convince the public that once you hire them that they consider themselves to be "your" lawyer--don't believe it.

The fact is there are just to many attorneys these days. Firms handling personal injury and medical negligence cases all compete for those "big" cases which help pay for the TV ads and billboards the public is constantly barraged with, as well as for their multiple offices and massive support staff. Firms handling family cases sometimes hold themselves out to be available to handle "men or women" only-- which is an advertising ploy essentially meaning nothing as family law in Florida is same for both sexes. The bottom line, as dictated by the Florida Bar, is that the hiring of a lawyer should never be based solely upon an advertisement alone. Speaking for myself only---it should be based upon a through vetting of the attorney including review of their experience, reference to their listing on the Florida Bar website, client reviews such as those found here on and your personal assessment of the lawyer after you've had a opportunity to personally discuss your legal matter with them.

Of all the areas I practice in, my work in assisting couples to adopt is the most rewarding. Unlike step-parent, adult or grandparent adoptions, the law in Florida requires that infants are placed with the assistance of an agency--who then has to hire an attorney to do the required paperwork--, or through a private attorney acting initially as Intermediary. As an intermediary I am authorized via Florida State Statute Chapter 63 to place a child with a couple who have previously obtained a valid and current favorable home study at the time of placement. Once I've placed a child, my role as the Intermediary is complete and I then proceeding to act as the attorney for the prospective adoptive couple to complete the legal work to finalize the adoption. The costs of adopting through me are almost always thousands of dollars less than most agency assisted placements and with the current federal adoption credit now exceeding $14000.00 is affordable. I charge no wait list fee and all my assistance to a prospective couple is done without charge until an infant or child is located for possible placement and the couple chooses to proceed. . .

Carolyn Wagner

Attorney & Counselor at Law


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