Child Custody and Visitation

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Fighting To Keep Custody of Your Child?

Hire an attorney in Jacksonville, FL for help with child custody law

Children are often the ones most deeply affected by divorce. After a separation, the court will have to decide on the best possible custody arrangement, placing responsibilities on either one or both parents.

Are you concerned that you might lose your parental rights? Turn to Carolyn Wagner Attorney & Counselor at Law for assistance with child custody law in Jacksonville, FL. Carolyn Wagner has over 25 years of experience helping clients with custody agreements, visitation rights and custody modifications.

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Always looking out for your child's best interests

While judges try to make custody judgments based on the needs of the child, they might not always get the decision right. If you'd like to seek a custody modification, attorney Wagner will stand by your side. In order to make a change, you'll need to provide evidence proving significant changes to the original circumstances that led to the custody arrangement.

Judges are generally reluctant to modify a custody arrangement unless there are substantial and obvious reasons to do so. Your attorney will make a strong argument on your behalf.

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