Child Support

Give Your Children the Support They Need

Give Your Children the Support They Need

Retain a top-rated child support attorney in the Jacksonville, FL area

No child deserves to suffer because of a divorce. Work to ensure that your child has the financial support they need for a stable upbringing by hiring Carolyn Wagner Attorney & Counselor at Law. Residents in the Jacksonville, FL area turn to attorney Wagner when they need assistance with child support negotiations or modifications.

As a single parent, you deserve fair compensation to care for your child. Call 904-632-1840 today to schedule a consultation with a local child support attorney.

How to modify an existing child support order

Has your situation changed significantly since a child support order was first put in place? You might have an opportunity to make a child support modification. Attorney Wagner will walk you through all of the steps it will take to file a petition.

Florida courts require a change in circumstances in order to consider a support modification. Some examples of permanent or involuntary changes include:

  • Loss of employment for at least six months
  • Long-term illness or disability
  • Retirement at the normal retirement age

Quitting a job, taking a lower salary or being fired due to circumstances that were under your control would not be grounds for an involuntary change. If you'd like to learn more about how to seek a child support modification, schedule a meeting today.